Wednesday, August 24, 2016

After Vacation Jetlag 2016

We arrived LAX on August 15th around noon time.  I slept in the plane for about 6 to 7 hours only.  We had lunch at Lee's Tofu and stopped at my grandma's house for a little while.

Right after that, we headed back to Irvine.  My mom said to me to try to stay awake till as late as I could but I fell asleep in the car no our way home.  I almost didn't want to leave the hot car in the garage to continue sleeping but somehow I managed to get out and then I continued to sleep on the family room's carpet till evening.

I had to struggle with jet lag for a while.  Although I would go to sleep early and wake up around 6am, yet I would still sleep in the car.

To be fair, I also fell sick two days after we came home. I caught a cold and had a fever.   My body was tired all the time.  That's why I needed more rest.

First Day in Ffith Grade

Back to school is finally here, today, this morning. My mom for once is very happy about this. She typed up a status update on Facebook yesterday that went like this,

"Celebration for me tomorrow. After 10 weeks of summer holiday, finally my son is going back to school! YES!!! Confetti and balloons!!  .... someone is very desperate for some 'quiet time alone'. You'll understand if you known her and her son well." 

We found out my fifth grade teacher is Ms. Katy Marshall yesterday through the parents portal.  I am glad to have her as my teacher.

I slept early last night without being told to.  And I woke up at 6am this morning.  Had my breakfast and got ready for school all on time.  We walked to school.  It was a sunny morning.  But it was a nice walk.

When I got to school and went to the black top to look for Ms. Marshall class line up, I saw many of my friends already there lining up.  I saw Dylan as he was the first person in the line.  Guess he has arrived very early.

Guess who lined up behind me when I went to the back of the line?  Taketo S.!  We are in the same class again!  Ms. Marshall came out and greeted each of us personally.

Before we enter our classroom, we gathered together to have a group picture for our first day of school.  This is the first time a teacher ever did this.  I am so looking forward to be in fifth grade!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Breakfast at IHOP

Today i went to IHOP for breakfast. We went there because there was a $1 pancake short stacks special. We went to the one near Santa Ana Airport. We left our house around 8am. We arrived at 8:30am.

I ordered a short stack with a combo breakfast. My mom ordered short stack and hot tea. Our food came in within 15 minutes. They got our order wrong because they gave sausage links and fried eggs instead of bacon with scrambled eggs.  While waiting for my replacement, I started eating my pancakes.  I ate 3 halves of 3 pancakes, 2 sausages and 2 scrambled eggs.

And that's the end of my IHOP breakfast story.

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Malaysia National Zoo (Zoo Negara)

Monday, July 4th (not a public holiday in Malaysia), a few of us went to the Zoo.  But coincidently, this week is the school holiday for "Raya" Celebration.  The kids - me, Elise and her twin brothers.  Adults - my mom, my kaufu, JoJo yee-yee, Ah Leng yee-yee, her husband and their maid.

There was no traffic at all.  We arrived a little past 10:30am.  Leng yee-yee already bought us our tickets.  There was no queue in going into the Zoo.  We went to the animal show first.  Along the way, we saw a lot of primates (monkeys, apes, etc).

We walked a lot in the zoo.  It wasn't that hot because there are many trees that give us a lot of shade.
We had to walk two times around the zoo because we missed the panda exhibit and we only realized it after we were almost at the exit of the zoo.  When we found out that the panda exhibit is located on the other end, we walked back around the same route we took and it was tiring.  But we finally made it to the panda exhibit.  Good thing, it had air conditioning inside the building.

After the zoo we went to Publika for a late lunch.  And I had my first Chatime after lunch.  Yumm!

All Nippon Airways Business Class LAX to KUL

My mom and I were on All Nippon Airways business class from LA to KUL.  I enjoyed the Star Alliance lounge while waiting for our flight at LAX.

We were seated on 10G and 10E, the middle section.  Unlike EVA Air Royal Laurel, there is no barrier between our seats.  My mom could easily talk to me and attend to me when I needed her help.

I was so looking forward to the meal time and I really enjoyed the International Cuisine they served.  I especially love the bread and butter during my flight.

I love to have orange juice in a glass instead of a plastic cup.  Here to all of you ... Cheers!

Our transit was at Narita airport for less than an hour. During our flight from Narita to KL, we saw Aunty Khim and Zoe jie-jie. They were on their way to KL too. Although were flew off from LAX but we were on different flight. They flew to San Francisco and changed flight there to Narita, while we had a nonstop flight from LAX to Narita.

What even more coincident was they were seated next to us.  We got the window seats and they both were at the middle seats, same row as us.

I couldn't believe it but I slept through during the flight from Narita to Kuala Lumpur.  I guessed I was really tired because I didn't sleep at all during our previous flight.  So I slept all the way from Narita to KL, I didn't even eat the dinner on the flight.