Thursday, May 24, 2018

New Full Size Bed

By mom:

Brandon got a new full size bed.  He had been sleeping on the twin size bunk bed since he was 2 years old.  So I thought it was time to give him an upgrade. 

We bought a full size bed with trundle from Muuduu Furniture.  The price is good but they didn't include the roll slat conversion to use with a trundle.  In their website, the item B100-12 (roll slat) is one of the item in the SKU.  But they didn't honor it.

Anyways, Alan and I bought some finished planks.  We measured, cut and made the bed new slat to support the mattress so the trundle can roll underneath the bed.  The original metal slats that came with the bed has a support leg in the center of the bed, thus cannot fit the trundle underneath.

We also gave him two new pillows which I got from Costco, on sale (2 for $11.99 after $4 rebate).  We also bought the full size Sealy Prospect Lake Firm Mattress from Costco with $65 rebate.  Original price on the mattress was $299.  Now with the rebate, we paid $263 out of the door, including tax and a recycling fee of $10.50 for the mattress. 

Finally, Brandon is now sleeping on his new bed and really enjoying it. 

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Day 3 - CIMI

I woke up around 7am due to kids talking a lot.  I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and change.  Today, we were going to hike to another place, called Emerald Bay and hang out their.

For breakfast, we ate scrambled eggs and potatoes.  After we ate, we got out daypacks and walked to the dining hall to pack lunch for ourselves.  We had ham and cheese sandwiches with chips and oreo.  We then started our hike out to Emerald Bay.

It took about 2.5 hours to get there.  During the hike, I talked to my friends.  Finally, around 1pm, we got to Emerald Bay.  We set up our towels and ate our lunch.  Then we basically could do whatever we want.  Some people went snorkeling and others just hung out and played card games.  I just hung out by the wave creating an invincible rocktower.

About 4pm, we hiked back to Cherry Cove.  We arrived there around 6pm, just in time for dinner.

For dinner, we ate tacos and the dessert was churros.  The final evening activity we had for the camp was a campfire.  During the camp fire, we listened to stories and ate smores.

Day 2 - CIMI

I woke up around 7am due to kids talking.  I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and change.  After that I pick up my daypack and went to the dining hall.

For breakfast, the students had waffles and sausages.  There was self serve yogurt and cereal bar with drinks like orange juice and milk.

Our  morning activity was snorkeling.  So around 9am we put on bathing suits and went to the dive bay.  We then learned about how to snorkel and put on wet suits.  Once the counselor were done explaining, we got to put on wet suits.

First we had to put on pants.  Then we had to put on the vest along with a jacket.  Finally, we had to put on masks, fins and head caps.  It is not as easy as it sounds.  After we put on wet suits, we walked in to the water.  During the snorkel, all I saw was kelp and a sea urchin.  The water was also cold.  This was my least favorite activity.

Finally we got to take off the wet suits which was very hard and cold as well.  Then we walked to the dining hall to eat lunch which was hot dogs.  Then the students split up into groups for an activity that we would all do but at different times.

Our group did tide pooling first.  We went to a tide pool and saw a lot of crabs, shells and sea anemone.  Our group also had to be careful because of all the rocks.  Then our group transitioned to plankton.  We got a look in a microscope at seawater.  We saw many plankton class animals.  Then I realized I swallowed some sea water during snorkeling.  Finally we learned about sharks.  We got to touch actual sharks and stingrays.

At about 5:30pm, the groups gathered together for dinner.  For dinner, we ate pizza and the dessert was cookies.  Our group evening activity tonight was an astronomy walk.  We walked up a high cliff and got to look at constellations we couldn't see in Irvine.  We learned about the Mythology of the constellations.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Day 1 - CIMI

We arrived at Two Harbors around 12pm.  We unloaded the luggage and walked over to some lunch tables.  We put out luggage in a truck and the truck drove to our camp.  The classes then went to the lunch tables and ate their lunched.

I had sushi and inari.  After we finished lunch, we quickly used the bathroom and started to hike to Cherry Cove, the place we would be staying at. The hike took about an hour.

Once we reached camp, the students claimed their luggage and took it to their tents.  My tent had Krish and Arjun in it.  After the students settled in, we moved to the dining hall where they made some annoucement.

Our group  was doing kayaking.  I thought kayaking was fun but it froze my hands.  We had to kayak to a buoy near Two Harbors.  Water splashed in my hands and the wind blew which was a icy combo.  During our kayak we found many kelp and a sea lion.  My kayak partner was Jaiden.

After we kayaked back to the harbor.  My hands and legs were numb.  Luckily, we had dinner shortly after.  During dinner, someone in our table was the food runner.  He or she would get the food or seconds and bring it back to the table.  There was also a salad bar.  That night we ate noodles with orange chicken, I was really full.

After dinner, the groups did evening activities.  Our group was doing squid dissection.  One of the counselors had a dragon suit on and a squid hat.  We first learned about parts of a squid.  Then we had to find out 3 defenses of the squid.  I found them out (ink, jet propulsion, and camouflage).  Then the counselors thew the squid out literally and got to dissect the parts of a squid.  After the squid dissection, my hands smelled like seafood.  But after the activities I took a shower and brushed my teeth.  Around 10pm, I fell asleep.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Grandpa's Itinerary Oct 2017

Thursday (10/12): Arrived at LAX 7am.  Mom drove to pick him up.  There was traffic, she left Irvine at 8am and arrived at LAX around 9:30am.  They went to Social Security Administration to apply for grandpa's SSN.  Then they went to lunch at Pho Baco.  They came home after that.

Friday (10/13): Mom had to go to Eastvale for home inspection and Grandpa went with her.  While mom was at the home inspection, Grandpa waited in the car and when he got hungry, mom told him to drive the car to get something to eat.  He drove to Albertsons and bought some fried chicken.  After the home inspection was done, mom drove Grandpa around to look at the different homes in Eastvale.  They came home and rested.  For dinner, we went to Wahoo Fish Taco at Fashion Island.  After dinner, we to walk around and visited Tesla and Apple store.

Saturday (10/14): This morning we went to view homes in Irvine.  We also visited the grand opening at Orchard Hills The Reserve.  We had light lunch there and then went to Zion to get the vegetarian sushi roll.  I had some of those before I was dropped off at Chinese school.  Grandpa and mom went home and mom drove him to Saddleback Church at Lake forest for the 4pm service.  Later, we returned to pick him up and went out to dinner at California Fish Grill at Foothill Ranch.  After dinner, we went to Walmart to walk around.

Sunday (10/15): Citadel outlet.  Lunch Panda Express.

Monday (10/16): Citibank & Chase

Tuesday (10/17): Senior Center but no lunch, because late.  Play table tennis.  Dinner Capital Noodle House.

Wednesday (10/18): Taste Festival at my school.  Dinner - vegetarian curry with rice.

Thursday (10/19): Left home 815am.  DMV take written knowledge test.  Finished around 12pm.  Lunch the chinese restaurant next door.  Then went to Aliso Viejo to view house.

Friday (10/20): Went to Senior Center and had lunch there.  Vegetarian miso tofu for dinner.

Saturday (10/21):  Went to Parasol Park before picking Brandon from Chinese School.  Lunch at Corner Bakery at Irvine Spectrum.  After that went to Lakes Forest to view open houses.  Around 3pm, dropped him at Saddleback Church.  We went back home.  Around 5:15pm, went to church to pick up gong gong.  Dinner at Da Luau.

Sunday (10/22):  Went Gardena to visit mah-mah.  Lunch at Ramen place.  After that drive back to Irvine.  Around 3pm, mom and grandpa went out practice driving to Westminster.  Dinner at home - leftover from this past week.

Monday (10/23):  Left home around 9am to Alhambra for dim sum.  Dropped him at massage first, an hour $40.  Picked up around 11:30am and then went to Seafood Capital at Focus plaza for lunch.  Then drive around Monterey Park to view surrounding and houses.  Then went back home.  Dinner stewed beef from Costco, celery stir fried with chicken.

Tuesday (10/24): Practice driving with mom to pick up flowers and then go to GYT.  Mom drive him to Westminster.  Had Lee's Sandwich for lunch.  Then went to Westminster DMV for driving test at 1pm.  Waited till 2:30pm only tested.  Only there 1 examiner initially.  Service very bad.  Didn't pass the test because didn't behind the school bus.  Dinner went to Flame Broiler.

Wednesday (10/25): 10:30am interview appointment at Express Employment, Laguna Hills.  Lunch at home - leftover from Flame Broiler.  After lunch went to Citibank to settle something.  After that dropped at Senior Center.  Around 2pm, picked up him as no table tennis today.  Ate dinner at home - steak + stiry fry zucchini + blanched baby bok choy.  Around 6:30pm went to Wintermist pool to swim and  dip in jacuzzi.

Thursday (10/26):  Had dinner at In & Out.

Friday (10/27): Don't remember.

Saturday (10/28): Don't remember.

Sunday (10/29): Don't remember.

Monday (10/30): Gong gong left at night to return to Brisbane.