Monday, July 27, 2015

Evening Out With Kaufu

My kaufu (my mom's brother) brought my mom and I out to dinner today.  We went to La Risata Bar Pizzaria Ristorante at Damansara Heights.  I even got to sit in front of his car.  Not a chance if I am in Irvine.

They served baguette with olive tapenade.  I didn't like it because it tasted very bitter to me.  But I know my dad would love it because he likes olive a lot.

Olive tapenade

I enjoyed the below dish most of our meal.  It is the spaghetti vongole with extra garlic.  The dish has just the perfect sweetness and the spaghetti was bouncy and chewy (al dente) .  I love the garlic sauce and the clams.

Spaghetti Vongole

My kaufu ordered this risotto with asparagus and pea dish, I only like the beef bacon wrapped scallop but now the risotto because it was too "ricey".  I think the sauce didn't compliment the risotto.

Risotto dish with beef bacon wrapped scallops
I ordered this pizza.  I like the topping but not the crust because it was so hard.  I preferred they cut the ham into smaller pieces.

Pizza Fungzhi E Prociutto

After a satisfying meal

My mom and my kaufu

My mom, kaufu and I, with pose

After dinner, my kaufu asked me if I want to eat ice-cream or cake.  I said no.  Then my mom told him that I like pearl milk tea at Chatime.  So he drove us to Publika to get Chatime.

I ordered a large cup with 50% sugar, 50% ice, add pearl, milk tea.  I shared my tea with my mom.  It was so good.  It made me so full after drinking the tea.

We then walked around Publika while we finished the milk tea.  Then we went back home. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 26th, 2015 Sunday

Morning: I went to Buddhist class at 10:00 until 11:00. We covered a box with plain paper. We used cake flour and water to make glue. The glue was perfect! I enjoyed Buddhist class. After my mom picked me up we picked up Ah Leng Yee Yee and Elise. We rested at kampoh's house for a while and then went to eat Cherquers. I ordered a Down Home Benny.

Afternoon: Elise met Sally and we stayed at Mandarin Oriental (Sally's hotel she stayed at) for while before going to a park. We played a lot there. Sally, Elise and I tried to spy on our parents but Ah Leng Yee Yee kept on following us. after that Sally went back to her hotel preparing to for Singapore tomorrow. After that we took Ah Leng Yee Yee and Elise back home.

Evening: We had Madam Kwan for dinner. I ordered kids meal: Spaghetti with mushroom soup and carrots, peas and corn. Shopped at One Utama for a while and then we went home.

Night/Now: I am typing this right now.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sally in KL

My friend, Sally, from Irvine visiting me in Kuala Lumpur.  She and her family has travelled to Sabah for his dad conference and now is in KL, stopping over for a few days to see the city.  They will be here for 5 days and then will head to Singapore for a few more days before going back to Irvine.

Today, we went to Putrajaya.  We had local Penang food for lunch at Cyberjaya.  Then Nizam, our driver, drove us around Putrajaya.  We saw many bridges and beautiful buildings.  Our first stop was at the butterfly bridge which is also a dam.  No picture for that bridge as it was too hot.  I like the architectural of the bridge, I like how it was designed.

Next, we drove along the road with buildings of the ministries of Malaysia and at the end of the road is the Prime Minister's office.  Next to it, there is a beautiful mosque.  We stopped for pictures.

We also walked down stairs and saw some parrots and macaws.  We then took some pictures with these beautiful birds.  I dislike how parrots' claws touching my skin, it hurt but I smiled anyways for the pictures.

Sally was looking at me weirdly because of my weird expression

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

First Time Eating Dragon Fruit

My mom forced me to try the red dragon fruit.  She said it is very nice.  After I rejected many times, but then I decided to give it a small taste test (after my mom told me I could use the iPad) and found out I really like it.  So here is a picture of me enjoying my red dragon fruit. It tasted like strawberry because I felt the seeds, just like strawberry's seeds.

Then my mom told me to just open my mouth because she wanted to take another picture of me.  Here is the picture she had taken.

Dal Komm Bingsu Uptown PJ

Just now we went to Dal Komm at Uptown Damansara Utama, PJ to have Bingsu dessert.  Dal Komm CafĂ© originated from Korea and has been in worldwide market.  Well, not yet in Irvine market, may be coming soon. 

Sample Bingsu displayed at the counter:
Lemon Dazzling Bingsu & Coffee Cube Bingsu

Apple Crumble Bingsu, Choco Lava Bingsu and Grapefruit Bingsu

Other desserts available in the store tonight

Banner on the bingsu

New product - the Cruffins

Mom and me

The shop is very spacious and we found a perfect spot by the entrance.  We were given an 'UFO' (beeper but Jo Jo yeeyee said it is UFO) to wait for our order. 

This was my first time trying Dal Komm Bingsu, which is a type of shaved ice dessert.  We ordered the Chocolate Lava Bingsu.  It was RM19.90.

Looked great and tasted even better than it looks!

Me and my Choco Lava Bingsu

Our bingsu dessert was so good. I love the brownie or the lava cake because it was chocolately and rich. I also like the vanilla ice-cream and the whipped topping.  I would love to go back again before I return to USA.