Thursday, September 24, 2015

Brandon's Bad Habits

Updates 9/24/2015:

13. Didn't put up the toilet seats when going number 1.
14. Never wipe hands with hand towel after washing hands.

Original post dated 8/23/2015:

Just want to note down Brandon's bad habits which he knows but doesn't want to correct.

1. Climbing over couch and sofas because it is comfortable.
2. Talking rudely to people.  Not greeting people correctly, only saying, "Hello," but doesn't say hello who.  Correct example, "Hello, uncle Raymond."
3. Scream and laugh so loud for something that only a little funny.
4. Doesn't follow on good advice given but instead does what he wants (which most of the time is bad decision) and when the result is bad, he still continues to do it.
5. Doesn't tell the truth.
6. Doesn't wipe mouth, have to be reminded every time.
7. Eating with crumbs all over the table, told him to eat over the plate but he pushes the plate away when eating.
8. Need to be reminded to go to bed every night.  Never once he goes to bed without needed to be told.
9. Whiny and complain a lot.
10. Lazy, lazy, lazy.  Doesn't have any initiation to do anything unless to be told to.
11. Need to be reminded to brush his teeth every night.  Never once, he brushes his teeth without me having to tell him to.  If I don't ask him, he will be dilly-dally around the house.  Even so, I have to ask him like 10 times and raise my voice before he would go into the bathroom to brush his teeth.
12. Always think he is right when we told him the correct way / answer, he argues that he is still right.  I told him, if he is stubborn, he will not learn new things.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

I Don't Need Food

Mom's note:

Today, Brandon didn't finish his lunch.  So I gave him a lecture of not appreciating the food I made for him, wasting my time making for him every morning.  This time, he said he was too busy 'watching' his friend doing a magic trick until he couldn't finish on time before they were dismissed to recess time.  He could have stayed back to finish the lunch but he said if so then he will not get to play.   

Then when I said he was better when he was in 1st and 2nd grade when he finished all the meals I packed him as well as snack (3rd and 4th grade, he requested not to pack him snack).  He replied, "I am older now, I don't need to eat as much food as before."

Yesterday, he didn't finished his food but has a valid reason.  He was one of the last person to have his picture taken for picture day and he was late to go out.  But today, his reason/excuse of not finishing his food was definitely invalid.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

First Time Walking Home From School

This morning my mom told me that she would be going to an event and wouldn't be home until 1:40pm.  Today is minimum day and we get off at 1:40pm from school.  And I already told mom yesterday that I would walk with Kyler, a new friend from same class and living on the next street.

When school ended, I asked Kyler if he was walking home, but he told me that he has a playdate with another friend and would be going to his friend's house straight from school.  Then I asked him where he lives, and he said he lives on Silkleaf, which is a street over from my street. 

After I bid farewell to Kyler, I walked back home myself excited to tell my mom about Kyler living on Silkleaf.  It wasn't long until I got home.  I drank a lot of water while walking because it was a hot day.

When I arrived home, I went to the backyard and tried to open the back gate.  I think I pulled it a little too hard and the string came off.  LOL! 

As I was walking back to the front of the house through the driveway, I saw my mom was driving in.  I was very excited.  She opened the door for me and asked me how was my first time walking home from school myself.  I told her, "I love it! And may be I will do it again tomorrow!"

I was all dressed up in button-down shirt because today was picture day.  We went to the MPR (multi purpose room) for our picture before lunch time.  Since I am #32 on the class list (of 34 kids), I was almost the last one on the list.  The lunch bell rang before my turn, I was late for lunch and I only ate 1/4 of my lunch before I went to play.  Yes, play time is very important for me, more important than having a full lunch.

Update 9/18: I also walked home myself on Thursday and Friday.  I thought Kyler would be walking too but on Thursday, he had a dentist appointment and on Friday, he again had a playdate with the same friends. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Burj Khalifa 3D Puzzle

Back in June, Ah Shen kaufu passed me a gift from my kaufu, Joo Yee.  When I opened the gift, I was surprised.  It was a 3D puzzle of Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building which is located in Dubai.

It was a difficult puzzle to build but I manage to put together the base myself even though it wasn't strong enough.  So my dad had to take apart and rebuild it.  This past weekend, my dad helped to me build the rest of the puzzle while I assisted him by taking the pieces apart from the form and passing to him the correct pieces.

The puzzle is taller than me!

Now, the puzzle is sitting in the living room, next to the fire place.  Looks so real.  I wonder when will my mom take me to visit Dubai, hopefully one day soon.

Monday, September 07, 2015

Lost My 9th Tooth

I called it Labor's Day Molar Tooth Lost because today is Labor's Day holiday.

It all started yesterday evening, after dinner at Blaze Pizza.  I came home and I was coughing a lot because my throat was itchy.  I don't know if it was because of that or the chewy Blaze pizza I had, my tooth got loose. 

When I was flossing my teeth, then I only realized that my little molar was loose.  I made a lot of whining and complaining after I found out about my loose tooth.  I even asked my dad to help me pull out but it didn't feel ready to come out yet.

And this morning, when I woke up, I thought I swallowed my tooth because it felt like it was missing when I was sleeping.  I ran to my mom's bedroom and she said everything was OK and I was making it up.

I made my own egg, which turned out to be a disaster, for my breakfast.  My mom spread butter on my pretzel bun for me.  After the egg and milk, I started to eat my pretzel bun and only 1/4 way through the bun, my tooth came out.  I ran to tell my mom and dad about it.