Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Fourth Grade Pool Party at Blue Lake Swim Club

Grade 4 is almost over.  For our year end party this year, we went to the Blue Lake Swim Club for a pool party.  We walked there from our school.  It took us about 10 mins to walk.  We left school around 11:40am.  We had an early lunch at school before we went.

When we arrived, it was around 11:50am.  We all had our swim attires on since this morning. The teachers didn't allow us to change, so we had to wear it from home.

There was a high dive and a low dive area.  I tried jumping down from the low dive once.  I didn't like it but at least I did it once.  I mostly played in the pool area with my friends.

Here I was playing with Luka, he's not in my class but I do play with him during recess.

Around 1pm, I got really hungry.  My mom who volunteered told me to come up from the pool.  She asked me if I had finished my lunch, I told her yes but my mom didn't believe me.  My mom's friend gave me a few pieces of sushi to eat but it wasn't enough.  She drove to school to bring me my lunch bag but she found out I finished my lunch.  She drove home and brought me a banana, some Japanese snack and a pack of seaweed.  I ate them and shared a pack of snack with Shyam.

This is a picture of me and my friend Shyam.  He lives near my house.  Sometimes we walked home together, when he is not riding his bike.

All the kids gathered together around 1:50pm to walk back to school and then had popsicles as treats.

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Vegetarian Lunch at Happy Family

Today is 1st day in 5th month of the lunar calendar.  Mom suggested we eat vegetarian.  So we went to Rowland Heights to try this new vegetarian restaurant on Colima called Happy Family.

There were quite a number of people inside.  But the service was fast.  We ordered their lunch special combo.  They have lunch specials frrom Mon to Sun.  It comes with rice (white/brown) and daily soup.  Their prices are very reasonable.

Their lunch specials start from $6.50.  There are many choices to choose from.

We ordered a deep fried tofu.  It came with their house special sauce.

We also ordered a black bean mushroom.  This one is good.

The third dish we ordered is the crispy little fish with sesame.  This is also delicious.

After lunch, my mom drove us to Hsi Lai Temple at Hacienda Heights.  It is my first time visiting this temple.  As we toured around the temple, my mom asked me to recognize some Chinese characters and she said I get one minute of computer time if I can recognize one characters.  I ended up having 45 minutes of computer time.  I was happy.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Top Hat Craft for Mission Play

I auditioned for the President Polk's character in our Fourth Grade Mission Play and I got the spot.  Mrs. Anderson said she is borrowing me her blazer and tie.  They didn't require a hat, but my mom said we could easily make one from cardboard.

So that evening, we went to Costco and mom picked up a thinner cardboard from the bin.  We came home, she helped to measure the base of the hot.  I used a compass to draw the circle.  It was not easy to cut the cardboard, so my mom helped me.

After cutting the circle out from the board, we needed to cut the inside smaller circle.  She had to measure my head's circumference and then I made another circle inside the big circle.  My mom then cut it out.

For the top part, we measured how high we wanted it to be and then my mom cut it out from a thick black paper which my dad and I got from Michael's Craft Store.  We stick the ends together with double sided tape.  We also cut out the circle to cover the base.

My mom reused the smaller circle cardboard as the top of the hat.  Then she attached the top of the hat to the base.  And here is me wearing the top hat.

This is underneath the base which we later covered up with the leftover black paper.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Lost My 12th Tooth

I lost my 12th tooth today while eating my dinner.  I quietly went to the bathroom to wash off and then went to show my mom my lost tooth.  She was surprised I didn't make a big scene this time.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Vegetarian Lunch at Fine Dining Vegetarian

Today is Mother's Day.  I woke up early myself and made my own breakfast.  I didn't remember that I should make breakfast for my mom too, until my dad suggested that but my mom already had her breakfast.

After breakfast, we went to Gardena to visit my grandma.  We also dropped by Kai's place because my mom had a gift for them.  Later in the afternoon, we went to San Gabriel for my mission project.  Mom suggested we try this vegetarian restaurant in Alhambra before we go to the San Gabriel Mission.  

Fine Garden Vegetarian on Las Tunas



Dim sum menu

Deep fried oyster mushroom (I like this)

Lotus root with white fungus (very plain)

Tofu with sauce (my favorite)