Monday, September 19, 2016

Fifth Grade Classroom

This year, my classroom is situated on the right wing of the school as you are standing facing the school.  In the same wing, we have the special education, the higher grade computer lab and the science lab.  Our classroom is the first room on the right as you enter the wing.  We are also very close to the front office.

The room number is 22.  We have a sink in our classroom.  There is also a toilet in our classroom but it is hidden.  Although we have a toilet here, but we cannot use it.

There 33 students in my class this year and my number happens to be the #33 as they arranged the student lists according to their last name.  Yes, I am the last student in the classroom.

The white board and the projector screen are opposite of each other, so we have to turn our head around when the teacher is teaching.

The arrow is pointing to my table.

We do have a door that is leading to the front of the school and plenty of natural light from outside too.  Not all fifth grade classrooms have doors to the outside.  Mrs. Kumamoto classroom's door leads to the inside of the building.  There is no window in her classroom either.

Poetry - Riding The Jaguar

Riding The Jaguar

At Knotts Berry Farm
A roller coaster awaits
A huge sign says it's called

Come to my coaster said a statue
We went in a car and up and up we went
As we approached the tallest mountain ever
Turning to the summit BOOM!

The car went up and down
In a pyramid we went
Then we went through trees
I got a view of the great theme park

Turning and twisting
As fast as a jet
When we upside down
I felt like I was going to fall off

Then the ride was done
I'm glad it's over
The fastest roller coaster ever
Jaguar is amazing

*Fourth Grade Work

"T" Is For Tortoise

T is for Tortoise

The desert tortoise is California's state reptile.  They live mostly in the Mojave Desert.  They also live in Nevada and Arizona,  They are excellent diggers.  Since they know how to dig, they live in underground burrows to escape the heat.  They are 10 to 14 inches long.  They are most active in the spring.  They conserve water they from the spring.  Adult tortoises can survive with no water for a year!  The desert tortoise is an herbivore.  It eats wildflowers, grass, cactus and most plants they can find.  They live from 60 to 80 years old.  The desert tortoise is a very state reptile.

*Fourth Grade Work

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

After Vacation Jetlag 2016

We arrived LAX on August 15th around noon time.  I slept in the plane for about 6 to 7 hours only.  We had lunch at Lee's Tofu and stopped at my grandma's house for a little while.

Right after that, we headed back to Irvine.  My mom said to me to try to stay awake till as late as I could but I fell asleep in the car no our way home.  I almost didn't want to leave the hot car in the garage to continue sleeping but somehow I managed to get out and then I continued to sleep on the family room's carpet till evening.

I had to struggle with jet lag for a while.  Although I would go to sleep early and wake up around 6am, yet I would still sleep in the car.

To be fair, I also fell sick two days after we came home. I caught a cold and had a fever.   My body was tired all the time.  That's why I needed more rest.

First Day in Ffith Grade

Back to school is finally here, today, this morning. My mom for once is very happy about this. She typed up a status update on Facebook yesterday that went like this,

"Celebration for me tomorrow. After 10 weeks of summer holiday, finally my son is going back to school! YES!!! Confetti and balloons!!  .... someone is very desperate for some 'quiet time alone'. You'll understand if you known her and her son well." 

We found out my fifth grade teacher is Ms. Katy Marshall yesterday through the parents portal.  I am glad to have her as my teacher.

I slept early last night without being told to.  And I woke up at 6am this morning.  Had my breakfast and got ready for school all on time.  We walked to school.  It was a sunny morning.  But it was a nice walk.

When I got to school and went to the black top to look for Ms. Marshall class line up, I saw many of my friends already there lining up.  I saw Dylan as he was the first person in the line.  Guess he has arrived very early.

Guess who lined up behind me when I went to the back of the line?  Taketo S.!  We are in the same class again!  Ms. Marshall came out and greeted each of us personally.

Before we enter our classroom, we gathered together to have a group picture for our first day of school.  This is the first time a teacher ever did this.  I am so looking forward to be in fifth grade!

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