Sunday, July 23, 2017

First Week in Malaysia Summer 2017

July 20th 2017 (Thursday)
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July 21st, 2017 (Friday)
I had Hokkien Mee for breakfast.  YumYum.

We had to go to China Embassy to apply for our visa to China.  Took us a while there because we didn't have complete documents and we had to ask dad to Whatsapp to us the documents to print at the embassy.  We also didn't have pictures so we had to take pictures there, each of us for RM18 for 4 pieces of photograph.

After that we went to have lunch at Yut Kee.  They are famous for their rolled roast pork chop.

July 22nd, 2017 (Saturday)
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July 23rd, 2017 (Sunday)
For lunch we went out with Jaffre kaufu and Bee Cheng kammo to have vegetarian at Yishensu at One Utama.  After that, we went to Llao Llao for yogurt.  Each of the kids, including Avril and Ashley, had a mini cup with 1 topping.

Guess what?  For dinner, we returned to the same restaurant.  And I ordered the same curry.  But this time was with kaugong, kampoh, kaufu, Shen kaufu and my mom.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

MRT to Pavilion

I had black noodles from Annie One for breakfast. Before noon time, we decided to take the new MRT to Pavilion mall in KL to have lunch there.  We left home around 12:15pm and headed to the TTDI station.  We found a parking and went up to the station.  Got our tickets (50% off till end of Aug), and not long after we got to the platform, the train arrived.

We arrived at Pavilion in 20 minutes.  But I was already very hungry.  We went to Pig and Wolf for lunch.  I ordered a meal set to share with my mom.  I had the Wolf's Favorite Spaghetti with cream sauce.  The set came with a small bowl of mushroom soup, a drink and a small tiny piece of cake for dessert.

Took this selfie using kaugong's new Hua Wei cellphone

We headed home after lunch.  At around 4:30pm Ah Mei yee yee came.  The adults were chatting in the kitchen while I took the opportunity to play with kampoh's ipad without being notice.  hehehe

For dinner, we had vegetarian at Taman Megah.  Elise came too.  She ate noodles.  She came back to TTDI with us after dinner and we two watched TV together.  Until I fell asleep and woken by my mom to go upstairs to brush teeth and take a shower.  I fell asleep immediately after shower with my glasses.

Friday, July 21, 2017

First Day in Malaysia 2017

We arrived early in the morning at KLIA.  The flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur was 90% full.  I took a nap even before the plane took off and slept thru the flight until arrival into KL.  The flight was only 40 mins and it was short compared to the one I just took from LA to Seoul and from Seoul to Singapore.

When the flight arrived, we went took the train to the main terminal.  We passed immigration very quickly and waited about 10-15 minutes for our bags.  Then we passed through custom smoothly too.  My mom contacted Nizam, my grand uncle's driver to pick us up at Door 8.  Our ride to my home for the next four weeks was nice, no traffic jam.

My kampoh, 'grand aunty' greeted us when we arrive at her home.  I was so excited to see her and my other relatives.  I was quite hungry when we arrived but I didn't feel it until later.  My mom was busy unpacking the luggage and passing out the stuff she helped to carry over.

After she was done, my kaufu, 'uncle' (mom's brother) drove us to One Utama for lunch.  We had lunch at Wondermama, a fusion restaurant.  I had the spicy spaghetti.  I quite like it.  We also ordered the chicken chop with salted egg sauce, which I don't fancy.

We walked around the mall for about an hour after lunch.  Mom got some herbal tea for herself and me.  I was so happy to be back here at One Utama.  We saw a few new shops around the mall.  We met up with my kaufu and then we went back home.

For dinner, kampoh ordered some togo dishes and we had rice at home.  I like the special tofu and I ate so much rice.  I was tired and I slept early that night.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Trip to Malaysia

On July 18th, 2017, my mom and I were going on Singapore Airlines to Malaysia. Our plane was going to make a stop at Seoul Airport. Dad dropped us off at the airport around 1:00pm.

We checked in and passed through security. Then we went to the star alliance lounge. I ate beef broth Ramen there. Then we rested.

Then we went to our flight. Our plane was in a remote terminal so we had to take a bus there. Did I mention we were going on business class? The seat was really wide and it could turn into a flat bed. The seat also has a lot of stowage.

Our plane took off at 6:00pm. I started watching the Lego Batman Movie. While I was watching, they served me dinner:Crab Ravioli. Then I turned the seat into a flat bed and slept. When I woke up the plane was about to land.

We went to the lounge and took a shower. We then just rested there until the flight I ate a cup of noodles.. Our flight was the same plane and seat but different crew. On that flight I watched home and the Lego movie. They served breakfast: salmon steak.

Then we landed in Singapore airport. After my mom shopped , we went to the lounge. I ate honey pancakes there.

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Saturday, July 01, 2017

Summer June 2017

June 5th: Yeeyee and her family arrived at LA.  They will be sleeping in my room the next 5 weeks.  I was moved to my parents' bedroom.

June 7th and 9th: Yeeyee and her family went to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.

June 9th: Last day of school.

June 10th: We took the red eye flight from LAX to EWR (Newark).

June 11th-14th: New York

June 15th-19th: Washington DC

June 19th-21st: Las Vegas

June 23rd-25th: Buddha Light overnight camp

June 26th-30th: UCI summer camp - Criminal Justice