Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Primary Grade's Pictures

My mom posting these pictures because she said I look so mature in this year spring's picture compared to the last few years. I look more grown up now. What do you think?

Friday, March 13, 2015

2015 Meadow Park Jog-a-thon

This morning we had our yearly Jog-a-thon fund raising event. Overall, I have collected only $50.  But it should be good enough. 

The Jog-a-thon was after our recess, from 10:45am to 11:15am. First we changed into our jog-a-thon T-shirt while in class. Then we started to get ready, put on sunscreen, put on hats or visor, get a drink of water before the start. Then we headed out to the field.

It was definitely a very hot and windy day.  I believe the temperature reached almost 100 degrees.  There were a lot of kids out in the field by the time we joined the rest of the lower elementary students.  At the field, we did some warm ups. 

Jaiden, me and Dylan

Jaiden, me and Nolan

That's my teacher, Miss Viscardi

We are ready to start the jog-a-thon

Waiting for count down to start

Here we go!  I blasted off!

I was so tired from the laps. 

By the end of 20 minutes, I ran, walked and jogged only 9 laps.  Then we left the field and headed to the lunch tables to have our water and popsicles while resting and talking to friends.

Me and Kevin

We went back to our classroom 20 minutes before lunch break.  It was so nice to be inside the building with the air-conditioning blowing.  We didn't do anymore study, just rested while waiting for the lunch bell to ring. 

Friday, March 06, 2015

2015 Wall Of Fame

I am on our school Wall of Fame!!  Look for me and find me in the picture below!

If you are interested, try to look for me again in my 2014 Wall of Fame post. 

My Desk

Here is a before and after picture of my desk.  I am a very messy kid. 

My mom is the one whom helps me organize the table when it gets out of control. 

Do you see the white mat on my table?  My mom layered it down.  It is made out of the back of two pages of the old Nijiya calendar.  She used cello tape to tape it down to the table.  She put this down as a protection to the table because she didn't want me to scribble on the table or scratched it as the paint can chip off easily from the table top.

I also use my desk for eating breakfast in the morning, thus I have the world map table mat on it.

No School Friday

Today has no school.  It is the district-wide staff developmental day.  I got to sleep in today until almost 8:30am.  Didn't do much except we went to watch the 1:30pm show of the "Big Hero 6" at the Woodbridge Starplex Theater.  We dined out for dinner and I had the curry plate at Misasa at Mitzuwa food court. 

Tonight, dad is not home because he went to stay a night at my grandma's house.  I didn't go because I have Chinese class tomorrow morning.

Monday, March 02, 2015

My 9th Birthday

I blew the candle on my 9th birthday cake the night we stayed at my grandma's house in Gardena.  It was a Banana Chocolate Whipped Cream cake from French's Bakery in Irvine.  Mom bought it before coming to pick me up at Chinese school on Saturday morning.

We have been visiting my grandma every two weeks and we stayed a night with her.  Last Saturday, when we were there, we also went to visit my grandfather's grave at Green Hill.  That was my first time there after the funeral. 

I got an AMC gift card from my Ah-Gee (aunt) and Uncle Raymond. And I received cash from my grandma. Mom told me to use the cash to take my grandma out for a meal on her birthday. Her birthday is on the second month and 28th day on the lunar calendar.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Chinsee New Year Potluck at CSL2A

Yesterday we had a Chinese New Year potluck event at my Chinese class, CSL2A.  There were only 12 of us yesterday in class.  Some of the kids were absent. 

Class was as usual before the second recess.  After the second recess, we did a dragon craft which I colored and cut out and glued the head and the body together.  The volunteer parents (including my mom) helped to make a lantern for each of us. 

We had our potluck food after the craft. My mom made some sheep cookies. Everyone loved it! I like it a lot too. They're very cute. Miss Lee took some leftover cookies for her friends too.

We had the whole class took a picture with our dragon craft!!

Before we left the school, we saw some Chinese New Year decoration at the lobby. Mom asked me to take a picture with my Zodiac sign - the dog.

Here is a lucky god with a penny craft my mom received from Miss Lee in exchanged for her sheep cookies.

Friday, February 13, 2015

2015 Valentine's Day at School

We celebrated Valentine's Day on Feb 13th at school because 14th falls on a Saturday. 

Like every year, we get a paper bag to decorate and then we get to pass out Valentine's card and goodies (candies/pencils/chocolates/etc) to each of our friends in the same class.

Can you tell that I drew a cupid on the top of the bag?