Saturday, June 20, 2015

Free Ice Cream Sandwich at Cream Irvine Spectrum

Yesterday afternoon was a hot day, especially if you were to stand in line under the hot sun for more than an hour so that you could get a free ice cream sandwich.  It all happened at Cream at Irvine Spectrum. 

It was a Friday afternoon.  My grandma was staying with us for a few days.  My dad came home early from work so we could all go to Irvine Spectrum together to get the free ice cream sandwich from Cream.  We got there at 2:45pm and there was already a long time. 

Big 3D Cream's logo
Long line waiting for the shop to start giving our ice cream sandwich
The front of the line
It was so hot and so boring for me to wait in the long line.  I complaint a lot.  I didn't feel like waiting.  I just wanted to leave and go pay for my ice cream at Cold Stone. 

My dad tried to cheer me up while waiting in the line

We waited and waited.  Luckily, there were some seats with umbrellas.  Grandma and I sat down in the shade while my dad and mom were in the line.  It was really hot.  No wonder I was so cranky.  But all the wait was worth it.  The ice cream sandwich was really good.

First you get to cook the type of cookies, you can even have two different cookies on your ice cream sandwich.

Display trays of cookies

You can choose: Chocolate chips, double chocolate chips, white chocolate macadamia, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, butter sugar, turtle, snickerdoodle, carnival or red velvet.

After you picked your cookies, they will warm the cookies first before filling it with your choice of ice cream flavor.  Lastly, you pick your toppings.

They have 20 ice cream flavors to choose from
The different types of toppings
The shop
Happy me with my ice cream sandwich
Chocolate chips cookies, strawberry flavor ice cream with M&Ms topping
My mom has double chocolate chips & chocolate chips cookies,
with banana walnut fudge and almond toppings

The ice cream cost from $3.99.  If you haven't tried it, you may want to at least try it once.  Remember to pick up a spoon at the cashier when you pay.  For me, it was much easier to eat the ice cream with spoon and get a quick bite of the cookie each time.

Bye Bye Curious George Books

I love reading Curious George's books by Margaret & H. A. Reys. When I was in pre-school, my mom used to read them to me every night. Can't believe that it was five years ago.

My very first Curious George's book was Curious George Makes Pancake. Here are pictures of my collection of Curious George's books for memory.
Yuval gave me the above book at my kindergarten birthday party (My Gym)
Along the years, my mom bought me many of Curious George's collection
I received the Curious George's First Day of School from Uncle Anthony
My mom said that I've grown up and these were taking space in my book box.  She also said these books were more suitable for younger kids, so she sold them away to other families with younger children.

I will always remember the stories of Curious George.  I think Curious George is so cool.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Apple Valely Fried Chicken Picnic Lunch

We had special lunch today at school.  To celebrate the last day of school and last day of Apple Valley, the third graders had fried chicken picnic lunch.  This picnic wasn't funded by the school.  Instead w used the fund collected in the beginning of the school year for the third grader's activity. 

We were served by the volunteer moms.  Each of us get a piece of watermelon (which I opted out), a piece of fried chicken drumstick, a piece of biscuit and a pack of juice.

We have tables reserved
Volunteer moms
Fried chicken
Biscuits, fried chicken and watermelon
Sebastian and I were in the line
I got my fried chicken and biscuit, no watermelon for me
Sitting next to Roid
My grandma was one of the volunteers for our third grader picnic lunch. 
She was handing out napkins to the kids.
I was surprised to see her there.

Apple Valley Dance Performance

This was the last time we had to performance our Apple Valley Dance. I actually enjoyed doing it. My partner's name is Ritika. It was an easy dance. We just followed the direction in the songs.

My mom drove my grandma down to Irvine yesterday so that she could attend my performance today.  So I had to say, this was the first time my grandma came to see me in a performance at school.

Video will be uploaded later after my mom get a chance to edit them.  Stay tune.

Waiting for the dance to start
Our teachers
A picture with my dad and grandma.

Friends - Matthew and Dylan

Last Day of School

Today is the last day of school, last day of third grade and the last day of Apple Valley. I am so looking forward to the summer holiday but I know I will miss my friends at school.

  The last day of school was a busy day for us. We had a lot of things lined up for today. At 9am, we had the dance performance at the Multi Purpose Room. And for lunch we had the Fried Chicken Picnic. We also had to clean up the classroom and pack all of our work to bring home.

In the morning

I dressed up in my new shirt for the dance
Miss Viscardi, aka Ms Stricter

Friday, June 12, 2015

Kula Sushi Dinner

Dad went to stay overnight at grandma's house today. Today's dinner was just for me and my mom. Mom was lazy to cook for the two of us, so we went to Kula Sushi at Diamond Jamboree Plaza.

It is $2.25/plate now. A year ago, it was only $2/plate which was very good deal, now not as good deal as before. I can eat about five to six plates.

This evening, I had two plates of salmon sushi, two plates of beef yakiniku, one plate of seared scallop and some kitsune udon.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Third Grade Apple Valley Classroom

My mom volunteered at school today.  She was inside the classroom before the students got in.  Here are some pictures of the Apple Valley Classroom arrangement.  We had a chalk board instead of a regular white board. 

We were outside lining up after the 1st bell
Our classroom with the chalk board
Our classroom
The chalkboard listed how we can earn graduation points
This is my table and my Apple Valley character's name is Thaddeus
The classroom with the students
As my mom was leaving, she took this picture of me in the classroom

Monday, June 08, 2015

Uncle Gregg in Irvine

I was surprised to see Uncle Gregg at my house after I came out from my evening shower.  He was here to visit us for a little bit before going back to Las Vegas tonight. 

It has been almost or may be more than a year since I last saw him.  Usually, whenever we visit Las Vegas, we would get together.  However, during our last visit to Las Vegas in December last year, Uncle Gregg was out of town, so we didn't see him then. 

I just found out that Uncle Gregg is a teacher and he is teaching Kindergarten this year.  That's why he is always very attentive whenever I tell him my stories (although my stories may not sound interesting). 

I wasn't able stay up to chat with him longer than I wanted because tomorrow is a school day and I had to go to bed at 8:30pm.