Monday, July 21, 2014

Kek Lok Si - Penang

I told my mom that I wanted to go up to the temple by the hill.  So mom brought me there on Monday morning after praying to my maternal grandmother.  My mom used to live in the town (Air Itam) below this temple.  This temple is a famous temple in Penang.  It is the 'Kek Lok Si' temple.  It has a pagoda and a big Buddha on the hill.

We hiked up to the temple through a dark tunnel with tiny shops selling souvenirs on both side.  But today, most of the stalls were closed because it was a Monday. 

When we were almost half way through, there was a pond full with tortoises. 

We hiked higher and we arrived the half way point.  We had to walk up more to get to the pagoda.

The pagoda was nearer as we hiked higher.  Look at the picture above, we were almost there.

There was a big temple with big Buddha inside.  I prayed (pai-pai) to them. 

We got there!  There was a fee to enter this part of the temple.  Adult is RM2 and child is RM1.

I love fountain and there were a few of them in the garden below the pagoda.  After spending a brief time at the garden I told mom I wanted to go up to the top of the pagoda.

We walked up the tiny steps to get to the top of the pagoda. We slowly accomplished hiking up one level at a time, until we arrived to the top.  It was very narrow as we get to the top.  The picture below was taken at the highest level visitors were allowed on.

My kampoh (grand-aunty) drove up half way to pick us up so we didn't have to walk all the way down. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Menara Kuala Lumpur

Today, I went to Menara Kuala Lumpur, a.k.a. KL Tower with Jo Jo yeeyee, kam-poh (grand aunty), kau-gong (grand uncle) and mom.  I was very excited this morning when I woke up because my family was going to take me there.  I was scared to go up the elevator because my ears would get clogged up.  When we finally reached the top of the KL tower, my ears were fine.

Let me tell you some facts about the KL Tower.  It is the 7th tallest tower in the world. The KL tower was completed on March 1st 1995.  It has a height of 421 metres or 1,381 feet including the antenna.  It has only six floors including a revolving restaurant which we visited this afternoon.  (from Wikipedia)  The observation deck is located on level 1 (TCH 1) while the restaurant is located on level 2 (TCH 2).  The other higher floors were occupied by the communication offices.

The moment we went into the 360 Atmosphere Restaurant on the top of the KL Tower, I saw the Petronas Twin Towers.  I didn't know the restaurant revolves around the tower.  We had such a great view of the KL city center from restaurant while dining.   

I sat next to the ceiling to floor window and had a fantastic view of Kuala Lumpur city while eating my lunch.

I only had a little bit of some because most dishes are spicy (lamb curry, beef rending, curry chicken, kung pao squid, so on).   I had a little salad with Caesar dressing with some corn, a piece of turkey ham (this is a halal restaurant which means they don't serve pork), some noodles (mee mamak), smoked chicken, steamed fish in soy sauce and stir fried broccoli.

I picked my own grapes. My desserts were grapes, cakes and strawberry and vanilla ice-cream with toppings.

My grand aunty and Jo Jo yee yee were enjoying their lunch buffet.  I find the red color drink has a weird taste.  I wasn't sure what it was but I didn't like iet.

A group picture taken by the waiter.

After lunch, we went down to the observation deck.  I saw my favorite building, the Menara Telecom.  Actually, I already saw it while we were at the revolving restaurant so this is my second time seeing it from KL Tower.  It has a helicopter pad on the top of the building.

I saw all the bulidings in KL city.  At the observation deck, we also saw many other towers around the world displayed on the wall, from the highest to the lowest. The tallest tower is the Tokyo Sky Tree . I like Tokyo Sky Tree (Japan), the Canton tower (China) and the CN tower (Canada).  I had a great time at the observation deck and the restaurant.

Me and my favorite towers (left to right) the Tokyo Sky Tree, the Canton tower and the CN tower.

My grand uncle and I. I forgot to mention that I was riding in the front of my grand uncle's car, the Vellfire, when we drove to KL Tower. This outing to KL tower and the lunch buffet was sponsored by my kaufu (uncle). 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Durian Boy ... I am Not!

I am so not a durian boy. I dislike the spikes on this fruit, who cares if it is the King of all Fruits. It looks like a cactus with dangerous spiky stuff on it.   I dislike the smell.  I dislike when they forced me to take a picture with this durian. They said that I can only go to KL Tower if I hold this durian to take a picture. It is required that everyone who are going to KL Tower for lunch to take a picture with the King of Fruits before they let you enter.

So here are my two pictures. One with the fruit itself and one with the whole fruit itself and one with it opened. KL Tower, you better let me enter when I get there.


Weird New Tooth

My top left incisor is coming out in a weird way compared to my other new teeth. It is emerging from the front of my gum.  Hope it will be OK after it come out all the way.

Bolognese Spaghetti at Ben's Publika

Sunday afternoon, JoJo yee-yee (aunty) drove kampoh (grand aunty), my mom and I to Publika to have lunch.  I was really hungry and we chose to dine at Ben's restaurant.  My mom ordered for me the Bolognese Spaghetti.  I really enjoyed it a lot. 

Jo Jo yee-yee had a ham and cheese sandwich (called Oozy something), kampoh had mushroom soup (very much like the one at Lulu California Bistro in Palm Springs) and an order of soft shell crispy crab to share.

Look at my bowl of spaghetti. It had so much meat sauce. I love it a lot!

Cousins Gathering

The morning of July 12th I woke up very happy because it was the day of the gathering. I couldn't wait to meet all my cousins. It would be a fun day seeing all of them. I would be the King of the day.
It was a long wait until 3pm. Then slowly, the guests arrived. The first to arrive was 'Wai Lern kaufu'. No little kid came with him. Next to arrive was 'Mei yee-yee', along with her came Carson gorgor and Calvin. Then 'Peen kaufu' arrived with Ju-lia and Justin. Calvin and I was playing tag. Mom kept reminding us not to run around but as kids, we never listened to her anyways.

Before Peen kaufu had to leave, Avril and Ashley arrived too.  We took a picture before Justin had to leave.

Later in the evening, Elise and her twin brothers, Darren and Jayden came. We had another group picture again.

We all had a lot of fun playing with each other and watching videos on iPad as well as on the TV.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Tropical Fruits

There are many fruits here in Malaysia but I usually only eat the local banana and guava.

This morning, my mom introduced me two new tropical fruits which I haven't seen before. One is red and very hairy. Initially, I thought they were spikes. They look like 'circle cactus'. I was so scare to hold them. The name for this tropical fruit is Rambutan. My mom told me Uncle Gregg loves Rambutans.

The second tropical fruit I met with today was the Mangosteen. My mom told me my grandma and Ah-Gee love this fruit so much.

Mom told me to try them but no thanks!  I don't like them.  I don't mind posing with them though.  :)

My grand-aunt told me that she will get another more scary fruit for me next time.  She said the fruit is called 'durian'.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Business Class on Eva Air

Mom used her miles on Eva Air to upgrade our route from Taipei to Kuala Lumpur to business class.  We were able to use the EVA Air lounge at Taipei during our 3.5 hours transit which was perfect for us to chill while waiting for our next flight.

I was very excited to travel with a seat that can recline because that way, I could rest very well.  Actually, the first seat that was assigned to us actually was smelly and mom requested to change seat and we were moved up in the front, to row number 1.

You can tell how happy I was once we boarded the flight.  The flight was delayed because there was some technical problem with the flight system.  We were sitting at the tarmac while the engineers looked into the problem.  We waited for a little over an hour before our flight took off from Taipei.

I watched the Lego movie before we took off and continued watching it after we took off.  Not too long after that, we were served lunch.  It was so special compared to the economy class.  They cover the table tray with cloth and then served us our meals in actual plates and silverware.  We had 3 courses - appetizer, and then the main course and then the dessert.  I skipped dessert.  I also like how they served the drinks in glass instead of plastic cups.

Mom had a beef dish.  She said the beef was over cooked.  I had a chicken dish with garlic toast.  As you can see, I finished almost all my meal.

After lunch and after I was done with the Lego Movie, I took a nap for 2 hours and woke up when we were almost arriving into KLIA.  I had the best rest ever in business class.  I wish I can take business class all the way from LAX to KUL and vice versa.