Friday, August 28, 2015

2015 Bersih 4.0

I saw my mom took a picture with her iPad by the gazebo near our Woodbridge neighborhood, I wanted to follow her tpp. And here is my picture.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

After Vacation Jetlag

We came back to US on Aug 12th.  Our flight was delayed and we didn't arrive at LAX until 10:40pm.  By the time my dad picked us up, it was 11:40pm.  By the time we got home, it was 12:30am. 

I went to bed a little bit after my shower, but it was already almost 2am.  My mom was busy unpacking.  But then I woke up around 4am when my mom was about to go to sleep.  She got mad at me because I was supposed to be sleeping till later in the morning. 

This time, it was not easy for me to adjust to the jetlag.  Took me about a week.  I even fell asleep in the car after we visited Ah Shen kaufu at Glendale.

So usually it was like this, I went to sleep around 9pm or 10pm but I woke up around 3am, and I got tired during the afternoon, especially around 4-5pm. I took naps that time but my naps were very long and I couldn't get up for dinner.  Even if I did, I was grouchy. 

You see, I was in really deep sleep during my naps.  I didn't even know that my dad played trick on me when I was napping because I really didn't feel anything. 

My dad told me to stay awake during the afternoon and don't take nap. He offered to award me a trip to Soup Plantation if I don't nap.

Anyway, eventually, after a week or so, my body clock was back to our local time. 

Living with Brandon

1. I told Brandon to lock his bedroom door, I said, "Lock yourself inside the bedroom at night."  He replied, "How am I going to come out if I locked myself inside?"

2. He is very dependent on people and lazy to do things himself.  He said, "How can I adjust the cold / hot shower knob?" This is when he has been  using the same shower since he was 5 years old and now he is 9 years old.  He is lazy to learn to do things himself.

3.  He likes to ask what he would get if he does something.


"What do I get if I said sorry."
"What do I get if I help you throw away this paper?"
When I praised him for something he did good, "What do I get for this?" <-- always="" don="" him.="" i="" is="" one="" p="" praise="" reason="" t="" this="" why="">

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First Day in Fourth Grade

Today was my first day in fourth grade.  I didn't sleep too much last night because I woke my mom up in the middle of the night at 11pm and the rest was history was too excited .  But I was able to wake up myself this morning and I even made my own breakfast - fried egg.

It was over cast and the walk to school was nice.  There will be a lot of changes this year, I will not be seeing a few of my friends because they moved to another school.  Ava N. moved to Eastshore Elementary for their APAAS program.  Matthew S. moved to Prentice School in Tustin.

I got in line just in time before the first bell rang.  I saw a few familiar faces.  Kevin Z. is in my class.  Taketo S. is in my class.  I didn't see Brandon A. and Jaiden Y.  I wasn't sure which classes they were in.

Mrs. Anderson came out from the classroom and introduced/greeted each students in the line individually.

Today was a minimum day so my mom came and picked me up at 1:40pm.  It was a great day and I found out that Mrs. Anderson is pretty nice.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Crying Brandon Upset with Fourth Grade Teacher Assignment

Written by mom:

Brandon was upset and angry when he found out his fourth grade teacher.  I was fine with the teacher's assignment.  I wanted her to be his teacher.  He whine and whined and complained while I was busy cleaning up the house.  He said he wanted to change class and want to change school.  I am fed up with him.  I told him he can complain to the school or if he wants to change school, even better, he can go stay with his grandma at Gardena and go to school there. 

I couldn't stand living with him because of his whiny personality, can only whine at home but when asked him to take action, he got angry and was a coward.