Sunday, November 23, 2014

Food on Golden Princess

One word summarized my meals on Golden Princess .... Awesome!  We had a total of 3 lunches, 3 dinners and 3 breakfast meals, plus 2 afternoon tea sessions.  Most of the time we dined at the fine dining restaurants. 

Well ... if you want me to use a second word to describe it, it would be spaghetti!  Why?  Because I had 3x spaghetti while I was on the cruise.  I just loved and enjoyed it so much ... it was much better than the one mom made at home.

First night dinner - spaghetti with meatballs

I cleaned it out!

Breakfast second day

Pancakes with bacon and sausage links

Second day lunch = spaghetti with meatballs

Yummy, I couldn't wait to dig in

Afternoon tea

Third night dinner - spaghetti with meatballs again!

I finished the whole plate!

Golden Princess Mini Suite Stateroom

My parents and I went on a 3 days cruise to Ensenada, Mexico, on Golden Princess.  Our balcony stateroom was upgraded to mini suite prior to departure.  Our room number was D314, on deck 9 - Dolphin. 

Here I want to share with you some pictures of the stateroom.  I will write more about the trip on another post later.

I slept on the sofa which was turned in to a bed in the evening.

Sofa transformed into a bed were I slept for 3 nights.

My parent's king size bed.

View from the entrance to the stateroom.

The bathroom with a tub.

The balcony looking towards the ocean.

The balcony has a good size.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


This afternoon, I went to Stonegate Elementary School to take the OLSAT test.  The school is so awesome.  The computer lab is located in the library and they look so new!  Well, we didn't take the test at the library.  We went into the regular classroom. 

We gathered at the courtyard.  I was in group D.  By 3:15pm, the invigilators came out and guided each group to the classes.  Mom came back at 4:15pm to pick me up. 

I was able to finish all of the questions in the 40 minutes provided.  Although I wasn't sure if I answered some of the questions correctly.  At least it was much easier than the practice test mom gave me at home. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Puma Glasses

Last week, our school nurse contacted my mom.  She told her that I didn't pass the vision test at school and that she has to take me for a eye exam at the doctor.

My mom then brought me to Costco to do the eye exam for $55.  That evening, my dad helped me picked the frame and we ordered my Puma glasses.  We paid $ 128.99 for the Puma frame and lens.

Less than a week later, we picked it up and here I am wearing it for the first time.  I will bring it to school and wear it when I needed to read the white board from my seat.


Saturday, November 08, 2014

Knott's Berry Farm

We went to Knott's Berry Farm this afternoon (on the day after my Chinese midterm test). This is my second time going to Knott's Berry Farm. My dad told me the first time I went was back in 2009 when Ah-Gee (aunty) had her company picnic at Knott's Berry Farm. I was too young to remember and probably didn't go on many rides like I did today.

I was brave. The first ride we took was the Jaguar roller coaster ride. I resisted in the beginning but got talked into it by my dad when he promised to reduce the time to return my little pillow to me by 1 year. He also said that if I take another roller coaster ride today, he would return my little pillow (wa-wa-wa) to me tonight. I took that challenge. But after riding on the Jaguar, I was sure that I would not go for another roller coaster ride. I finished it but I felt like I almost fall off from the roller coaster. I had a little nausea after that too.

The next ride was a simpler one. We rode the Sky Cabin. It goes up to about 180 feet and revolves 360 degree to give a panoramic view of the Orange County and LA County. We didn't have to wait too long for that ride. I felt like I was on the tallest building in Orange County.

We walked towards the Boardwalk and there, we rode the Wheeler Dealer Bumper Car ride. I enjoyed it a lot. I was riding with my mom and she drove the car. She was following dad behind his car without him noticing. It was so funny and I laughed so hard when dad finally realized that we were behind him.

We walked more and towards the Ghost Town before deciding to go on the Calico Mine Ride (train).  While waiting in line, dad ran to buy me a bag of cotton candy.  The rise was not scary ride but more to see what was inside the gold mine.

I wanted to go home but it was still early.  So we went on the Calico Railroad.  This is one of the oldest ride in this theme park. 

We were hungry after that, so we went out to have some Knotts Fried Chicken.  The line to the restaurant was too long so we bought Chicken to-go and had our early dinner at the picnic area.

After dinner, we continued walking around the theme park. The sky was getting darker by the time we were done with dinner. The lights came on and it looked so nice inside the theme park. We walked through the Camp Snoopy and rode on the School Bus.  The ride makes a 'whoo whoo whoo' sound. 

Next, we stopped by the Waveswinger for a little while to watch the ride. It is like you ware sitting on a swing and the machine swings you in circle and you probably feels like you are flying. I saw some people stretching our their arms pretending like their wings.

The last ride I did was another roller coaster ride. I never wanted another one but mom talked me into it. Then dad said if I rode this ride, I would get my little pillow tonight. So I went ahead with it. It was the Timber Mountain Log Ride. This ride opened back in 1969 and still very popular till today. We rode on the log and it went around the mountain and at the end of the ride, the log falls down and we got slightly wet. It was a fast ride but we waited in line for about 30 minutes.

After that, we left the park. I had a lot of fun today.  Lastly, I would like to say "Thank You" to Uncle Joe for my parents' tickets. Southern CA Edison, where Uncle Joe works had their annual company picnic there today and since Uncle Joe was busy, he passed his 2 tickets to my dad. My dad has to pay only for my child ticket and the parking.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

BOO!!!  Happy Halloween!

My mom dressed in Baroque costume and I am in my cowboy costume.  I wished my dad had bought me the cowboy boots to go with my costume.  But instead, I had to use my regular Vans.

I walked around our neighborhood (with my friend Matthew and his brother, Justin).  When I got home I counted the number of candies I got.  I have 119 candies!!  I was so happy.  The candy I like best is Baby Ruth.  YUMM!

Friday, October 24, 2014

ROPES Winner

This morning during Friday flagdeck, I was called out as a winner for the ROPES.  My mom had her camera with her so she took a picture of us with our principal, Mr. Tom Potwora.  She reminded me to stand away from the taller kids so that she could see me in the picture.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

I am Selfish

I am a very selfish person.  I don't like to share my toys or book.  I don't like to share my food.  I will share my food only if I don't like it.  I don't think of the other first.  I always come first.  If I am angry, I want to make the others angry too.  If I want something, I will whine until I get it or until my mom raised her voice.  When my mom sits with me to help me with my homework, I don't appreciate it, I always complain why I have to do it.  I think it is waste of MY time.  I rather use MY time for what I like to do 'shoo shoo shoo' ... I am selfish.