Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Social Studies Presentation

I was practicing my California Coast Region presentation at home. I did my presentation on Google Doc, online. My actual presentation at school will be tomorrow.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bad Grades at School

Mom's note:

I was surprised to see his grade when I logged on to Parent Portal today.  I saw a D+ for his Reading and a D- for his Social Science.  I asked him what happened, he couldn't answer.  I guess I have to wait for his assignment to come back to see what he did wrong.


Social Science

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Mom's Back!

Last week, my mom went to Malaysia to attend her cousin's (Ah Boy Kaufu) wedding, without me.  She said I had to attend school and I couldn't be away from school for so long.  She flew on Delta and departed LAX on Jan 13th morning, after she dropped me off at school.  She came back yesterday, Jan 23rd.  After Chinese school, My dad and I, went to pick her up from LAX.

While my mom was away, my grandma came down from Gardena and lived with us for several days.  She drove me to school and pick me up from school.  We also went to Roger's Garden and Amstrong Garden to look at plants and flowers.  I also showed her how to drive to Sprouts and Hmart to shop for groceries.

Monday, January 04, 2016

Joshua Tree Campfire

We visited Joshua Tree National Park for a short day trip after my Chinese school today.  My mom booked a group camp site at Indian Cove Campground for $40/night.  Three families went together.  We didn't visit Joshua Tree National Park at all, only spent time at the Campground.

On our way to Joshua Tree National Park, passing through a lot of windmills, near Palm Spring.

I took a short nap in the car on our way there.  I was tired because we had Chinese class that morning.

Looks like we were heading into the mountain.  Oh! Oh!

We passed by a few little towns on our way to Twenty Nine Palms.  Here is at Yucca Valley.

Joshua tree along our drive to the campground.

A family group picture at the campsite.

Group picture.  The Zhang family, the Wong family and the Wei family.

The kids, Faith, Joseph, me and Dylan.  We had a lot of fun running around the campsite.

Faith was trying to take pictures of me fooling around with Dylan.

Our camp fire.  We were roasting sweet potatoes on the grill.

The kids sitting near the camp fire.

Our dinner, veggie platter, fish ball, meat ball, oranges, chips, pizza, Korean rice roll and more!

Another view of our table full with food.

Roasting sweet potatoes.

The cooking table with two stoves.  One to boil water for hot chocolate and one to cook the chicken wings.

View of our camp fire.  We were all sitting around it because it was cold.

Another view of our group camp site - G04.  Can occupy up to 25 people and 5 cars.  The restroom is nearby (see the little house in the middle of the picture?).  There's no light in the restroom.  Bring lots of head lamp or flash lights.

We were climbing a little hill near our campsite.

We all had a lot of fun.  We only stayed for about 2-3 hours as the night was getting more chilly.  We did see some stars after the sky cleared out.  It was amazing.  My mom said we may return again another time.
There was a bad traffic jam along 10 freeway near the outlet mall, on our way home.  It took us much longer than we expected.  We arrived home around 10pm at night.

Lost My 11th Tooth

It happened after I came home from my first day of school in 2016.  My mom went out to run some errand. 

I was having cereal with milk as my afternoon snack.  I had a mouth full of cereal and I was chewing on it.  Suddenly, I felt my tooth was wiggly.  I quickly called my mom to tell her my adult tooth was loose while I was eating cereal.  She was confused as much as I was, why the adult tooth is loose and what did I bite to make the tooth so loose.  I was only eating cereal.

When she was driving into the garage, I quickly went out to show her my loose tooth to see what she says.  She saw there was blood on the right corner of my lips.  I tried to open my mouth to let her see the loose tooth.  Then she said it was a baby right bottom canine tooth, not adult tooth.  I was confused, I thought the molar next to it already is an adult tooth and why this one is still baby tooth. 

She touched it and she said it was very loose and it was almost all the way out.  She said to let her take it out.  I backed up a little because I wasn't ready for her to pull my tooth.  It was so sudden as I didn't feel the tooth was wiggly and I couldn't accept that it has to be pulled away now.