Monday, March 28, 2016

Field Trip to Mission San Juan Capistrano

Typed by Brandon dated 3/15/2016:

Today for our 4th grade field trip we went to San Juan Capistrano!  The mission is extremely beautiful and I think you should visit it. My group includes me, my mom, Clark's mom, Shyam, Kaitlyn, Clark, and Namrata. We had a fun time. We were there from 9:15 to 11:15. I had fun learning about the mission.

It was built in 1776 by the Spanish. We saw a dining room, a church, a fountain, a cemetery, a great chapel and bells. The fountain had fish in it! The mission a place for Native Americans to live and work in. They farmed and raised cattle there. We saw a presido (fort) that looked awesome. I didn't buy anything from the gift shop. I wish we went there again.

Left to right: Shyam, me, Clark, Namarata, Kaitlyn.

People on the Bus.

 Kids from our school

Class picture

Guy showing Native American stuff.


A tree

This was the bed for the Spanish soldier

Acorn mashing holes

Central courtyard

Dining room



The great chapel

Me and Mom

Group picture

Presido and chapel


                                                                Fountain with fish

Monday, March 07, 2016

Jog-A-Thon Fund Raising

We have to fund raise for our Jog-a-thon. The fund will go towards art lessons, assemblies, field trips, lunch time activities, teacher's allotment and student support guidance.

Mom suggested that I go to Wholefood to fund raise. I did a similar jog-a-thon fund raising activity three years ago with Sally. But this time I have to do it by myself. ALL BY MYSELF!

The first time we went, I was a little bit timid. I didn't speak out loud enough. We collected almost $45. Mom topped up the different so we got $50. There was a generous young man who donated $20. I was stunt!  I also received a bit of encouragement from a man who told me, "It takes gut to stand here to ask strangers for donation!"

The second time we went was on Friday, March 4th.  This time, there was a generous young lady who donated $20 to my fund raising.  We collected a little over $50, with a lot of small change (coins).

The third time we went was this evening, we were OK in the first 10 minutes but then the guard came over and told us that we have to leave because the boss didn't allow us to do it there.  So we left.  I only collected about $4.

In total, I have raised up to $153 after collecting from my grandma and my aunt, and my dad topped up the different to get it over $150 so I could be eligible for the next level prize (above $150).

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Double Digit Celebration Part 1

Birthday Fun: The Cupcakes Menace

My parents are throwing me a series of parties
At my house after a great dinner, 3 cupcakes sat
Waiting to be eaten...

Birthday Card from Ah Gee

The three cupcakes

I ate the one with the Oreo. It tasted good. Now part 2....

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valentine's Day 2015

We celebrated Valentine's Day at school today, Feb 11th. This year, the actual Valentine's Day will fall on a Sunday. Tomorrow is our day off from school, staff developmental day. That's why we had our Valentine's activity today.

I had a Fun Dip after school while walking to the car. I like it a lot. I received a lot of candies from my friends in the class.

A Valentine's gift for my parents

Look!  A heart shape.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Social Studies Presentation

I was practicing my California Coast Region presentation at home. I did my presentation on Google Doc, online. My actual presentation at school will be tomorrow.

*Update 2/10/2016: I did my presentation today and I made some changes to my original power point you see in the above video. I felt great after I was done with the presentation and most importantly, I enjoyed it a lot. My grade for this presentation came back last Thursday. I am very proud of myself.